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Modern healthcare, with all its advantages, has at times forgotten just how important the words “personal” and “care” are to a patient’s wellbeing. Dr. Hirsch’s focus is Preventive Medicine and proactive, personalized treatment plans that combine the best of contemporary medicine with old-fashioned care. Our effective and safe treatments in traditional and alternative medicine are part of the comprehensive approach that ensures you receive the best clinical benefits possible.

Welcome to Hirsch Clinic of Dallas!

It’s time to empower yourself with a lifestyle of restored energy, a healthy weight, and a balanced system.

There is an epidemic of chronic illnesses among men and women today. We struggle, not only with diabetes and obesity, but with high cholesterol, heart disease, thyroid disease, digestive problems, insomnia, stress, and hormonal imbalances. While continuously reviewing newly emerging treatment options, Dr. Albert Hirsch firmly believes in encouraging patients’ lifestyle changes and addressing underlying problems that cause life-shortening illnesses.

Dr. Hirsch is dedicated to sharing and teaching his expertise; while encouraging patient involvement to achieve optimal health. We’re here to listen and truly understand your concerns so we can help your quality of life. Explore our wide range of services for weight management, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, age management and more. Preventing the onset of illness is the best, most effective medicine you can have. Lab documented hormone deficiencies are corrected with natural, bio-identical hormones to achieve optimal levels.

Dr. Hirsch practices medicine outside the box with no gimmicks, thorough evaluations and the latest medicine from proven research. Specifically, we promote wellness by finding the source of a medical condition, rather than simply addressing its symptoms. From there, we work with our patient to insure that the bodies’ systems function optimally through a combination of hormone balancing, weight control, pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements and superior nutrition. We pledge to consistently foster the doctor-patient alliance through thorough discussions of issues and unhurried evaluations. Dr. Hirsch’s practice is limited exclusively to Age Management, Weight Management, PCOS and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Andropause, Menopause and Hypothyroidism).

Our Core Values

  • To provide a positive, life-changing medical experience for each and every patient
  • To stay abreast of new research and medical advances that may benefit our patients
  • To approach all patient interactions with discernment, concern and compassion
  • To offer the best, proactive and preventative health care available
  • To interact with patients in a manner that is flexible and accommodating
  • To consistently operate a medical clinic environment that is nurturing and team-oriented

Patient Success Story

My story is like many others. I tried to lose weight through programs such as Weight Watchers and NutriSystems, but I would usually just gain back all the weight I lost. When I kept gaining, I realized I needed to do more for my body than cut calories. My chiropractor told me about Dr. Hirsch, and in the year I’ve been working with him I’ve lost 55 pounds (with only 30 to go!).

Dr. Hirsch is motivating yet holds me accountable. Besides helping me regulate my hormones and other medications, he discovered some food allergies I never knew I had. I’ve learned how to eat for my health and to truly make it part of my life instead of merely a temporary plan.

Juliann K.

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Questions? You may call the office of Albert L. Hirsch Jr., M.D. directly at
800-775-4902 Ext. 202 to discuss scheduling your initial appointment to review your case and decide on a course to evaluate and address your specific needs.